Gratitude Challenge Day Thirty

Tonight I had the pleasure of reading my gratitude limerick from Day Nine in front of my friends at the Creative Living Fellowship Thanksgiving Eve service. CLF is where I got the idea to start this journal in the first place and I can’t thank them enough because this really has been so simple yet so life changing. I’m going to save some of my energy for the big day tomorrow and in order to do that I’m taking the lazy approach this evening and will be expressing my gratitude via a photo essay of my life since last year.

10. I’m grateful for Amy Kobeta who never encourages instead of judges. There is nobody else I would have rather escort me on my first trip to NYC.

9. I’m grateful for the two months my brother spent living with me because not only did it serve as reminder that I’m related to some of the most wonderful people on this Earth, I got to spend several hours reliving our childhood at various valley Goodwill thrift stores and he was gracious enough to be my photographer.

8. I’m grateful for my little scooter because its physically impossible for me to NOT smile on this thing. I’ve always talked about getting one and I am proud that I finally stopped saying and started doing. Its a trend I intend to continue.

7. I’m grateful for having people like Jerry who have paved the way for me professionally and for Ashley and Julianne who are coming up on my heels and will one day take over this world. I’ve learned just as much from those older and younger than me.

6. I”m grateful that I live ten minutes from Piestewa because she is pretty much always the cure for what ails me. If you’ve had a bad day, take my advice and go tell it on the mountain.

5. I”m grateful for friends who just happen to be colleagues as well.

4. I’m grateful for my patio, my hammock, my grill, my bed, my shelter.

3. I’m grateful for St. Francis and all of my fellow animal lovers.

2. I’m grateful for my award winning hair!

1.I’m grateful that I’ve found my purpose and for the faith that my dreams will come true.

One response to “Gratitude Challenge Day Thirty

  1. AAAA I’m on the blog! Now THAT made my day. I couldn’t survive a day of my job without my friends who inspire and remind me that we really can make the world a better place even when it seems like we just work to stop bad things from happening.

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